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Metta Meditation: Cultivating Love & Forgiveness


We are living in intense times. The political atmosphere alone is enough to create tension not only across social media, news comment sections and blogs, but with friends, family…loved ones. The end of the year can also have us reviewing or judging our past year. Perhaps we didn’t achieve our goals and we have started negative self talk in our minds.  It’s time for love, compassion, and forgiveness. How can we do this? Practice the metta […]

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Meet Your Instructor ~ Hayleigh Robertson

Hayleigh Robertson joined the Partners to Empowerment team over the summer. She teaches Meditative Yoga Flow Tuesday mornings at 11:30 a.m. We wanted to learn more about her, as well as introduce her to all of you. In November, she was generous enough to donate all proceeds from her Tuesday class to The Women’s Wellness Foundation.  PTEWC: Tell us a little bit about YOU & your background. Hayleigh: I was such an anxious child. I […]

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Finding Gratitude This Thanksgiving


  Thanksgiving is a time when we literally think about what we are thankful for…finding gratitude.  But, as the holiday pressure push starts to build, we seem to forget why we’re thankful. It’s usually the simplest things, those things we take for granted, that are what we are most grateful for in our life.  Although Thanksgiving is next week, it’s not too late to pause and reflect. Even as you’re battling for the last can […]

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Expecting? Help For Moms To Be


  Pregnancy is a wonderful time in an expectant mother’s life. It can also leave her questioning if she is doing what she should for her baby’s health. Not only is nutrition important, but, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, physical activity is also extremely important. Nutrition & exercise are also important after birth. It is always advised to check with your doctor to be sure you know what limitations you have during this […]

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Wellness Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season


The holiday season is fast approaching and for many of us, here comes the stress. We are so busy planning the perfect gathering for friends and family, we often forget our own wellness. Although gift exchanges and party plans may be unavoidable, make them more enjoyable and stress free with these tips.  Plan in advance.  Take the time to set a schedule of events. Not just dates and times, but invite lists, food, decorations and […]

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Find Natural Pain Relief with The MELT Method

The MELT Method is an exercise class that allows its students to find natural pain relief through it’s movements. It focuses on balancing the nervous system and building (keeping) the connective tissue healthy.  What is The MELT Method?  MELT stands for myofascial energetic length techniques. Classes use a foam roller or ball to perform movements that help release muscle tension, much like a massage would do to the muscles. It also helps to rehydrate the […]

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3 Grounding Yoga Poses For Fall


Fall is here and we may all be feeling a little bit scattered or “windy” & dry. Taking steps to feel more grounded during this period can make this season more manageable and peaceful. Yoga can help.  Poses that make us feel rooted to the Earth are what can help keep us grounded. Here are three grounding poses that can get you started.  Sukhasana/Easy Seat Sukhasana or easy “sweet” seat is a seated meditative postition. […]

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7 Ways To Make Your Day More Positive


Feeling down lately? Perhaps the looming winter or the Indians World Series hopes being dashed last night has you feeling particularly low today. Relax, here are some ways to bring some positivity back to your day…today and every day.  Tips For Positivity Keep moving                                                                 […]

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Ayurvedic Advice For Vata Season


Fall is vata season in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda means the “science of life” and bases its advice on preventative measures to health. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 constitutions or energies that embody each person. Everyone has all three in them, but there is one that tends to be dominant.  The 3 Doshas Vata:{Wind Energy} This dosha is predominant in Fall and regulates the energy in our bodily functions. Our breathing, blood circulation…our heartbeat are effected […]

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Which yoga class is right for you?

FInd-the- right- yoga -class- for -you

These days there seems to be a yoga class everywhere you turn. With so many types of classes, how do you know which yoga class is right for you? Everybody’s needs are different. Whether you are looking for physical fitness, relaxation or to get in touch with your zen side, here’s some help to guide you to the class that will work best for you.  Different Types of Yoga There are several styles of yoga […]

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